Monday, October 8, 2012

Petting Zoo part 2

Do you want me to take her Amber? (Nana)
Could you Nana, I need to get something to drink. (Amber)
You go ahead and enjoy the rest of the day I'll keep her with me. (Nana)

Barbara holds the baby Kola bear Katie.
Ranger Michael stands next to the horse hut watching.

Hello Mr. Sheep. (Kelly)
Come here I want to hold you. (Ming) 

Hi.........pat pat pat (Barry Jr. patting the turtle's shell)

I think he is trying to get away from you sport. (Barry Sr.)

I'm going to make you look good. (Julian talking to the horse)
Look at me Daddy I told you he would let me sit on him. (Justine)
I see you baby, hold on. (Justin)

Hey Beautiful you got a man? (Tariq hiding behind his camera)
I'm not going to look at you. (Janay)
Why not? I want to take your picture. (Tariq)
Your suppose to be taking pictures of the kids and animals stop messing with me I'm working. (Janay laughing)
I'm working too...... Can I take you home with me? (Tariq laughing)

Hi everybody come say Hello to Katie and Katherine Koala? (Barbara)
Hi Katie, Hi Katherine. (KIDS)

Justin? (Tariq)
Hey Tariq. (Justin)
Are you in the dog house again! (Tariq)
I'm not in the dog house. (Justin)
Oh Yea, Then what are you doing here. (Tariq)
It's a long story. (Justin)
I was about to grab a hot dog, you want to talk about it. (Tariq)
Thanks, but I need to talk to Tara first. (Justin) 

Well look at you two. (Barbara)
Hi, Hi Mommy. (Barry Sr. Barry Jr.)
I'm ready for lunch do you two want to eat with me? (Barbara)
Sure, we have to wash our hands first though. (Barry Sr.) 
Can I have a hot dog? (Barry Jr.)

Now hold you arm straight out Justine. (Janay)
Like this? (Justine)
Yes that's perfect, Let me know if your arm gets tired. (Janay)
Can you see me Daddy? (Justine)
Stay still. I see you. (Justin)

These bunnies are so cute. (Courtney)
I know I wish I had a bunny at home. (Lucy)

Here you go Ella drink your bottle. (Justine)

Hello, I don't think we've met I'm Ty-Juan. (Ranger Ty-Juan)
I'm Lindsey. (Lindsey)
Did you have a good day. (Ty-Juan)
I had a great day. (Lindsey)

Justin and Justine arrive home after a wonderful day at the zoo......................................


Were Back! (Justin)
Hi Mommy. (Justine)
Hey, I hope you two ate. (Tara)
We ate at the zoo and had Ice cream at the day care. (Justin)

Did you have a good time? (Tara)
Yes It was Awesome! (Justine)
I can tell you STINK. (Tara)
No I don't. (Justine)
Yes you do, Go get ready for a bath. (Tara)

Can we talk? (Justin)
Can it wait, I really need to figure this out. (Tara)
What's wrong? (Justin)
It looks like money is missing from the Camp Out Foundation. (Tara)
 I'm sure it's some kind of clerical error. (Justin)
That's what I'm thinking.  (Tara)
Go ahead and finish your work. I will take care of Justine. (Justin)
 Thanks, If I can't find the problem I will call our accountant in the morning. (Tara)

Looks like Tara is too busy for Justin to talk to her about Lindsey. I hope he doesn't wait much longer. See you next Monday! 



  1. I love your Petting Zoo. It looks like a fun place to hang out. I hope that Justin is able to talk to Tara soon. It may end up appearing to be something other than what it really is. Looking forward to next week!

  2. Really like the zoo! Makes me want to go for a visit:)Can not wait for next Monday.

  3. Hello from Spain, I love your zoo. you have a turtle that looks real ... your furniture is perfect. Tara acts as the typical mother resented her ex-husband! Keep in touch

  4. Nice photographic presentation. Love the fun fun fun environment. Kept the underlying drama to a minimal. I hope Tara has the patience for real life as it plays out. Lindsey has the attention of the Park Ranger. Let's hope that takes some of the pressure off of Justine down the road. Keep up the wonderful work. Nice entertainment during halftime of MNF.