Monday, October 22, 2012

Come out come out wherever you are.

Whatcha doing Mommy? (Justine)
Getting ready for my meeting. (Tara)


Can I go with you? (Justine)
No, I'm taking you to school so please finish your cereal. (Tara)
I'll take her. (Justin)

Are you sure you don't mind taking her. (Tara)
It's not a problem. I can pick her up too, so go handle your business. (Justin)
I'll be home as soon as I'm done I promise. (Tara)
Take your time we'll be fine. (Justin)


Am I going to school today Daddy? (Justine)
Nope, I need your help at the cafe again. (Justin)
Okay, am I going to get two or three dollars this time. (Justine)
Depends on how much work you do. (Justin)

 Somewhere across town........

Here you go Brenda. Try to get the mouse. (Ken Nagin talking to the cat )
Excuse me are you E B Hinton? (Tara)
I'm Ms. Hinton's assistant Ken. How can I help you? (Ken Nagin)
I'm Tara Sporting I have an appointment with Ms Hinton.  (Tara)

Ahh yes, But I'm afraid your early. (Ken Nagin)
I know, I'm a little anxious.  Can I please wait. (Tara)
Sure, Are these your financial records. (Ken Nagin)
Yes, that's everything we have. (Tara)
Let me convert them onto a CD for EB. Can I get you something to drink? (Ken Nagin)
No thank you. (Tara)
Please have a seat, EB will be here shortly. (Ken Nagin) 

 Mean while at the BEE HIVE.........

If you turn to page 5 you can see I changed your tax terms.
Your taxes are now due quarterly instead of monthly. (Elaine Hinton)
That should help my cash flow alot. (Hombre Draine)
That's what I'm hoping. I want you to try this for three months. (Elaine Hinton)
I feel better already thanks for your help EB. (Hombre Draine)


I've got another appointment so I'll see you later. (Elaine Hinton)
Thanks for coming EB. That old coot hates asking for help. (Danielle Loren)
I understand. The bills should be alot easier to handle now. (Elaine Hinton)
Did you get your Halloween Social Invitation? (Danielle Loren)
Sure did haven't picked out a costume yet though. (Elaine Hinton)

Silly Of me to think that I could ever have you for my guy
How I love you... how I want you...
Silly of me to think that you could ever really want me too
How I love you... (Erin Mitchell singing Denice Williams)
Who's that? (Elaine Hinton)
That's Erin she sounds good doesn't she? (Danielle Loren)

You're just a lover out to score
I know that I should be looking for more
What could it be in you I see
What could it be... (Erin Mitchell singing Deniece Williams)
She sounds amazing will she be performing at the social? (Elaine)
She sure will she's the Bee Hives new singer. (Danielle)
I got to go but I cant wait to hear more. (Elaine)


Over at the Brown Suga Cafe

Look what I made Daddy. (Justine)
That's beautiful Sweety looks like Ms. Barbara. (Justin)
It is, It is Barry's Mommy! (Justine)

Hello, is my son here Theresa? (Rosie)
Hi Mrs. Sporting, Justin's in his office. (Theresa)
Thanks Theresa. (Rosie)

Well isn't this a surprise, I come to see one baby and I get two instead. (Rosie)
Grandma! (Justine)

Daddy and I went to the petting zoo last Friday. (Justine)
Oh my goodness why didn't you call me I love the zoo. (Rosie)
I'm sorry I will call you next time, okay. (Justine)

Justine, can you go out front and help Theresa for a little while. (Justin)
Awww Daddy.  I want to talk to Grandma. (Justine)
I need to talk to her first, please go out front. (Justin)
Don't leave Grandma. I want to tell you about my new teacher. (Justine)
I won't Pumpkin don't worry. (Rosie)

 Back across town..........

Hello you must be Tara. (Elaine Hinton)
Hello. (Tara)

Can I offer you something to drink? (Elaine Hinton)
No thank you. (Tara)
Alright, Did you bring the financial statements I asked for? (Elaine Hinton)
Yes, I gave them to your assistant. (Tara)

I got copies of your statements from the bank.
I needed your personal records to compare entries. (Elaine)
Excuse me, Ken have you copied Mrs Sporting's information? (Elaine speaks into her intercom)
Yes EB, I'll be right in with it. (Ken Nagin)

Here you go EB, I copied all the entries onto this CD.
 I made a list of all the major Contributors along with their contact info. (Ken Nagin)
Thank you Ken. (Elaine Hinton) 
Now lets see if we can confirm my suspicions and straighten this mess out. (Elaine Hinton)


Looks like we may finally get some answers. And a party to boot. See you all next Monday I need to find a costume I ain't missing this party. 


  1. Great episode! I love your scenes (dio's). It seems that a lot of unanswered things or situations are coming to the fore front. A Halloween party...I know this will be good! Lol! Looking so forward to next week as always.

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations. You make a perfect dioramas. I adore all t frniture. I see you are going to organize a Halloween party. My Barbies will also do a celebration. I really like the clothes your dolls are wearing and the windows. Keep in touch

  3. wow what will Tara find out? I can not wait to find out! Also can not wait for the party!

  4. ken, as usual, is the only one that seems to work!

  5. Loved EB's office and I like that youu pay attention
    to detail by adding the small little clock and the little sticky notes it's all really cute~