Monday, July 4, 2016

The Graduation

Frostburg State University 
(Graces Grove version of it)

Ty-Juan.......Ty-Juan? (Megan)
I'm over here. (Ty-Juan)

  • Are you okay? (Megan)
  • Yes, I just needed some air. (Ty-Juan)
  • Are you ready to go back in? The Graduation is about to start. (Megan)
  • Yes, let's go. (Ty-Juan)

(Proudest moment of my life!)

  • Did we miss anything? (Megan)
  • No, you're just in time. (Rain)
  • Who are they? (Ty-Juan)
  • They're the professors. (Rain)

  • Do you see her?  (Megan)
  • Yeah, she's behind the guy with the red sash. (Rain)
  • Okay, I she her now. (Megan)
  • How could you miss that smile! (Ty-Juan) 

  •  Synquis Vinnea Hall
  • Graduates with a 3.208 GPA
  • Her degree is in Global Business

One hour later............

Synquis, we're so proud of you! (Megan)

  • Congratulations Synquis. (Aaron)
  • Thank you. (Synquis) 
  • What are you going to do now? (Ty-Juan)
  • I'm gonna get some sleep, college is exhausting. (Synquis)
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha! (Everyone) 

Across the court yard............

  • We did it! (Liam)
  • No, you did it! (Marissa)
  • Only because you helped me. (Liam) 

  • Why is that boy swinging my baby around? (Marcell)
  •  Oh stop it, he's not hurting her. (Nana)
  • He better not. (Marcell) 
  • Is everything alright over there? (Marcell)

  • Everything's fine, Daddy! (Marissa)
  • Is it Son! (Marcell)
  • Yes, yes it is sir. I was just thanking Marissa. (Liam)
  •  I'd like her feet to remain on the ground next time. Alright? (Marcell)
  • Yes, yes of course Sir. (Liam)

  • I'm gonna go. (Liam)
  • Don't leave he's just messing with you. (Marissa)
  • I know, I need to find my family anyway. (Liam)
  • Alright, call me later? (Marissa)
  • Don't I always? (Liam)

  • Congratulations Marissa! (Juanita)
  • Thanks Juanita. (Marissa)
  • I'm proud of you baby. (Marcell)
  • Me too Sis. (Maci)
  • Thank you Daddy, Thanks Maci. (Marissa)

  • Come on, get real close together. (Marcell)
  • How's this Daddy? (Maci)
  • Looks good......wait where's Juanita? (Marcell)

  • Move your butt Juanita, I can't take the picture without you. (Marcell)
  • This is a family moment Uncle Marcell. (Juanita)
  • Don't sass me girl, get over there. (Marcell)

  • Say, FROSTBURG! (Marcell)
  • FROSTBURG!!!!!! (Juanita, Maci, Marissa, Nana)

  • So, how do you feel? (Juanita)
  • Juanita........did you know Aaron was gonna be here? (Maci)


  • I'm sorry Marissa but, I gotta go. (Juanita)
  • You need to face him. (Marissa)
  • I know, but today isn't that day. (Juanita)

  • Please don't see me, please don't see me. (Juanita talking to herself)

  • Is that Juanita? (Aaron)
  • Yup. (Megan)
  • Did you know she was going to be here? (Aaron)
  • It crossed my mind. (Megan)

  • What are you doing? (Marissa)
  • I'm checking my hair. (Maci)
  • Why? (Marissa)
  • Aaron, might come over to congratulate you. (Maci)
  • Girl please, he don't want you! (Marissa)

This is Synquis holding her doll at lunch after the graduation.





  1. Congratulations to your daughter may her future be bright and full of happiness and success!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter may her future be bright and full of happiness and success!

  3. Congratulations Synquis! Your Mama is very proud of you! Best of luck to a bright future! I hope you find a career that you love!

  4. Awww I just got goosebumps. How sweet!


  5. Congratulations to your daughter! I know you are one proud mama. Loved the doll graduation. It was perfect!

  6. Congratulation to both of you! I say both because no one really makes it alone! There are great people like family that help make it happen! I love the doll dio too! My HSM house has been sitting in the back of my closet! Time for it to come out!

  7. First, Congratulations to you and your daughter! Second, I'm so glad to see you're posting again. I've been checking. I love the set up.