Monday, March 2, 2015

The night Before the Wedding

   Your Mom said you wanted to talk. (Corbin)
 Yes I do. Please have a seat. (Aaron)


Hurry up and sit down before he changes his mind. (Ariel)

I don't know where to start. (Aaron)
Try the beginning.  (Ariel)
Take your time Son.  (Corbin)

Aaron begins the story.................

Your Mother hates me. (Juanita)
No she doesn't. (Aaron)
Yes she does, she gave me the stink eye all through dinner.  (Juanita)
She's just mad because you didn't let her plan this wedding. (Aaron)
Was I suppose to? (Juanita)
No. It's our wedding not hers. (Aaron)
You want to elope. (Juanita)

Can we? (Aaron)
Very funny.  (Juanita)
I'm serious. We can go anywhere you want. (Aaron)
Our weddings tomorrow.  (Juanita)
So. (Aaron)
So..........I think we can wait until tomorrow afternoon.  (Juanita)


Tara, what are you doing? (Tariq)
I'm talking to Corey. (Tara)
I'm pretty sure you can do that without sitting on his lap.  (Tariq)
You don't mind, do you Corey? (Tara)
No, I don't mind at all. (Corey)

Do you still have my phone? (Aaron)
Here. (Tariq)
Thanks. (Aaron)
Is everything okay? (Tariq)
Yea, lets get out of here. (Aaron)


Don't eat that, the guest of honor isn't here yet. (Roger)
We've been here for an hour. I'm not waiting any longer. (Blake)


You had a bachelor party, and you didn't invite me? (Corbin)
Corbin. (Ariel)
I'm sorry Dad. I didn't know anything about it. (Aaron)


I thought I made myself clear. (Aaron)
You did. (Tariq)
Well, who....... (Aaron)
Uh! I thought you were joking about not wanting a party. (Corey)
No I wasn't joking, if I wanted a bachelor party I would have thrown my own damn party. (Aaron)


He didn't mean any harm. (Tariq)
Make sure you tell him that when I rearrange his face. (Aaron)
Its just a little party. (Tariq)
A little party I told Juanita I wasn't going to have.
If she finds out. I'm going to kick Corey's ass. (Aaron)
She won't find out. And if she does she'll understand.  (Tariq)

How do you know? (Aaron)
Because its not a big deal.  (Tariq)
Yea, we'll see.  (Aaron)
Where you going? (Tariq)
To take a leak. (Aaron)

Buzz Buzz Buzz (Aarons cell phone)


Where'd he go? (Corey)
To take a leak. (Tariq)
Is he coming back? (Corey)
I don't know. (Tariq)
Whatcha mean you don't know, the strippers will be here in ten minutes. (Corey)

Buzz Buzz Buzz
What! (Aaron)
We need to talk. (Caller)
I'm done talking, you made your choice. (Aaron)

To be continued.......................................................................... 

Happy 21ST Birthday Synquis!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Goodness, there is so much going on. Boy, Aaron has an aaatttiittttudde!,he's ruining the party. Well, the one he didn't want. Not sure what is going on with Tara and Corey, the seem to forget where they were at, lol. Tariq seems to be losing control of everything he's go going and a mysterious call too!

    1. Aaron really was having a bad day he kept it from Juanita though.
      I don't even want to get into the Corey and Tara story. I'm glad she is married to Justin now. Tariq didn't know what he wanted 7 years ago and he he still doesn't now.

  2. I really like the dioramas that yoou have built. The red bathroom rocks!!

    1. Thanks Will red is my favorite color, I just had to do it!

  3. Red restroom. That's what every man lives for. Seems an appropriate place to chill in peace when in deep thought. And it appears that Aaron has something heavy on his mind. Cold feet?

    1. Yes a Red bathroom was a bit daring but I had to do it. I tried to go in a different direction but I just couldn't keep my hands off that red spray paint.

  4. Love the red bathroom! So glad we are finally getting to hear what happened at Juanita and Aaron's wedding. Can't wait for the next installment.

    1. Thanks Phyllis. Aaron's life aint no joke he has plenty of stories to tell.

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  6. I'm so late to the party good one.....nice bth room, & party area

  7. What is up with Tara? Aaron always has so much drama. Somewhere I missed the episode about them getting back together and getting married. I must go find it. Love that first dio of the hotel or banquet hall. The red bathroom is awesome, too.

  8. Yep! I have to agree with about the bathroom..nicccce. Aaron needs to loosen up a bit. Hopefully he will only get married once!