Monday, March 16, 2015

The night Before the Wedding (continues)

Are you ready for tomorrow? (Bradley)
No. (Tariq)
Why not? (Bradley)
Lots of reasons. (Tariq)
Would Aaron's weird behavior be one of them? (Bradley)
I think the guy is losing it. (Tariq)

I know exactly what you mean. I asked him to spar with
me yesterday just so I could take a couple of swings at him. (Bradley)
He's been acting funny ever since we got back from Paris. (Bradley)
Did something happen while he was there? (Tariq)
Not that I know of. He spends most of his time inside when were there. (Bradley)
Was someone with him? (Tariq)
You know I can't answer that. (Bradley)

I thought we were going to see some strippers. (Ralph)
They're coming.  (Marcus)
When? (Ralph)
Ding Dong
That's probably them now. (Marcus) 

I'm Officer Booty and this is my partner Call. Is this your home?  (Officer Booty)
No, it belongs to a friend of mine. (Marcus)
Can you get him for us? (Officer Booty)
Wait, did you say your name was Officer Booty and Call. (Marcus)
Yes. (Officer Booty)

Wow, your the strippers? (Marcus)
We prefer the name Exotic dancers.  (Officer Call)
My bad, stay right there. (Marcus)

Go get Aaron. (Marcus)
For what, those aren't real cops. (Tariq)
I know, they're the strippers. (Marcus)
So. (Tariq)

Bradley, my man. (Marcus)
Don't even think about it. (Bradley)
Come on man, help a brother out. (Marcus)
You decided to throwing this party, not me. (Bradley)
But... (Marcus)
But nothing, if you want Aaron out here you better go get him. (Bradley)

Are we going to do this or what! We ain't got all night. (Officer Booty)
Don't get your G-string in a bunch. I'll be right back. (Marcus)

Make sure she's out of there by the end of next week. (Aaron)
And if she isn't? (Security)
I'll come remove her myself. (Aaron)
Knock Knock

Yo "A" can I talk to you for a minute?  (Marcus)
Go away Marcus. (Aaron)

Do you want her watched? (Security)
No, don't watch her. This was her decision. (Aaron)
Is she allowed to take anything from the home?  (Security)
She can take whatever she wants. Just let me know if she doesn't leave. (Aaron)

"A" (Marcus)
Didn't I tell you to go away. (Aaron)
The police want to talk to you. (Marcus)
What? (Aaron)
The police want to talk to you. (Marcus)
What did you do now! (Aaron)
Nothing, they just want to talk to the home owner. (Marcus)


Can I help you? (Aaron)
Are you the home owner? (Officer Booty)
Yes I am. (Aaron)
I'm Officer Booty and I'm Officer Call. (Officers)
Excuse me! (Aaron)

 Officer Booty and Officer Call at your service Sexy.
Were here to entertain you. (Officer Call)

Can we have a chair. (Officer Call)
Here you go. (Marcus)

The  Music starts and the Dancing begins.............


Hold this for me sexy. (Officer Booty)

Shake that booty! (Marcus)

Don't do that. (Aaron)

Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. (Officer Call)

Now isn't that better.  (Officer Call)

Back in Paris.............

Nikki? (Janay)
Yes. (Nikki)
Hurry up, we have to be at the studio in thirty minutes. (Janay)
I'm coming. (Nikki)

Right after I make this call. (Nikki)


  1. I'm catching up backwards, so I don't really know what's going on yet, but I LOVED the lap dances. Lol! Marcus and Ralph were hilarious.

  2. Officers Booty and Call smh lol Well, they did what they came for! lol

  3. Ha ha! Too funny --- officer Booty and officer Call! They did a great job on the lap dances. They definitely earned their pay. Can't wait for the rest of the story.

  4. Great story! I love the officers names and the lap dances stole the show! I love it! Lol!

  5. Doesnt seem like Aaron complained too much when the exotic dancers clothes came off!

  6. Wow, this party is going on! Aaron seems alright, lol.