Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grace's Grove Special Edition


After the song.............

I'm glad you sang that song last. (Nikki)
Why? (Erin)
That song makes me sweat! (Heidi)
I know that's right, that song can get a party started! (Danny)
You three are crazy! (Erin)

Excuse me Erin. (Kurtis Jackson)
Yes? (Erin)
Can I buy you a birthday drink? (Kurtis Jackson)
And you are? (Erin)
Kurtis Jackson but my friends call me KJ.  (Kurtis Jackson aka Thirty Cent)
Nice to meet you KJ. (Erin)

Can you put this microphone back? (Erin)
Sure. (Danny)
See you later Ladies. (Erin)

Who is Erin talking to? (Taj)
I was about to ask you. (Nikki)

What would you like to drink? (K Jackson)
A bottle of water. (Erin)
You can't celebrate your birthday with water. (K Jackson)

What are you doing up there? (Marcus)
I'm putting the microphone back for Erin.  (Danny)
Oh, I thought you were about to sing. (Marcus)

I can't sing silly. (Danny)
I'm glad you know. (Marcus)
Very funny, smarty pants.  (Danny)
Let me help you down. (Marcus)

Is that THIRTY CENT talking to Erin? (Sara)
Where, I don't see him. (Parker)
Never mind you missed him. (Sara)

Did you know she was coming? (Devon)
Who? (Trey)
Your Ex. (Devon)

Thanks for inviting us Liz. (Marissa)
No. Thank you, I hate coming to parties alone. (Liz)

Don't act like you didn't know she was here. (Devon)
I didn't. (Trey)

Liam............ what's wrong? (Marissa)
I think Trey just spotted you. (Liam)

I'm over here sweety. (Devon)
Sorry about that. (Trey)

It looks like Erin had a great Birthday. (Taj)
It ain't over yet. (Nikki)

So what do you do when your not crashing birthday parties? (Erin)
You really don't know who I am.  Do you? (K Jackson)

If you expand the video it will get distorted. I couldn't figure out how to correct this before my post deadline so I up loaded it to my google + look me up Juanita "mustiwait" Draine for a better view of the video...........We will return to our normal story next week.         



  1. Great video. They were jammin'! I'm going to be seeing the real Kelly Rowland next week, so this really got me excited. Thirty cent! That's hilarious. Every time I see Marcus, I think of Wayne Brady. lol. Nice to see him and Danny out together on a real date.

    1. Thanks Vanessa they were jammin. I love that song I've never seen Kelly in person I hope she gives you a great show. Marcus is really trying to turn thinkgs around for him and Danny.

  2. Congratulations on the video. The sets are very creative. I like the bed -- looks like it was originally a magazine holder. The bed linens and curtains make a strong statement!

    1. Thanks Limbe dolls that was Janay's bedroom. She let
      Erin borrow it for the video. The bed is some kind of paper/book holder. My family thinks my Barbie vision is ridiculous. I knew that holder would make a dramatic canopy bed. LOL

  3. Loved it! erin can play at my club anytime she wants and i love her birthday gown. The set was awsome and it looked like her birthday was a huge sucess. I plan on doing a birthday bash for a character as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks William, Erin got skill's LOL. Her dress was taken off one of the new fashionista Barbie's. Cant wait to see your bash.

  4. Hmmm where can I start. Loved the video. They were having such a good time I was rocking side to side. Thirty Cents was working that thang on the dance floor! Tickled me!!!Loved the club scene. Nikki's outfit was too cute, loved her jeans. I didn't see her sporting that rock Taj gave her yet they seemed content. Hmmm, did she say yes and is it being sized?

    1. Nope no rock, can't wait to find out why it wasn't on her finger. Thanks for checking in.

  5. I LOVED this video. I was finger popping and singing along. I have not heard this song in a long while. You did a great job!!! I love thirty cents Lol!

    1. Hey Georgia girl as they say that was a tight beat. LOL I love that song too.

  6. That video was awesome-sauce! Loved it. You really make everyone look as though they are jamming out. I wonder if Thirty's interest in Erin is for business or for pleasure, hmmmmm?

    1. When I get good like you my video can then be called AWESOME-SAUCE I will get there thanks for the complement you make me keep at it.
      I hope thirty cents interest is a little of both. Can't wait to find out.