Sunday, September 1, 2013

Girl Talk

Hey Diva's, sorry I'm late. (Danny)
I'll forgive you if you got my cookies? (Heidi)
Hi Danny, just ignore her. I do. (Erin)

Here's one of the movies I got. (Danny)
Thanks. I'll put it in. (Erin)
Do you have my cookies? (Heidi)
No! (Danny)

I'm going to put this food away.  (Danny)
Let me help you.  (Heidi)

Danny.......Did you talk to Nikki tonight? (Erin)
No, was I suppose to?  (Danny)
ERIN!  (Heidi)
She's going to find out anyway. (Erin)

Do you want some pizza Danny?  (Heidi)
Yes and stop trying to change the subject.  (Danny)
What's going on?  (Danny)
Taj is suppose to propose tonight. (Erin)
Did you warn Nikki?  (Danny)

Why would we?  (Heidi)
I don't think Nikki wants to get married.  (Danny)
She told you that?  (Heidi)
No, and she's never talked about it.  (Danny)

But Danny, you should see the rock we picked out!
That ring set Taj back a pretty penny. (Erin)

I'm not worried about the rock........ I mean ring.  I'm concerned with Nikki's reaction.  (Danny)


Her reaction should be one of happiness. (Erin)
Yea, what else would it be. That ring is nice!  (Heidi)
I'd be happy if someone proposed to me. With or without a ring. (Erin)
I wouldn't go that far. I NEED a ring!  (Heidi)

Let me ask you both a question?  (Danny)
Alright/ okay. (Erin/ Heidi)
Do you want someone or THE ONE to propose to you?  (Danny)

Okay, I see where your going, however we are not getting any younger so I'd settle for someone. (Erin)
I know that's right "GIRLFRIEND" as far as I'm concerned, Taj has everything he needs!  (Heidi)

He doesn't have her "HEART".  (Danny)

I didn't think about that. (Erin)
If he hasn't captured her heart........well you know.  (Danny)
 I'll take him if she don't want him.  (Heidi)
"HUSH" Heidi.  (Erin)


  1. LOL, Heidi, yes we know you are willing to take other peoples castoffs.

    I LOVE this room! You did such a great job with it. Very stylish blend of the purple furnishings.

  2. Heidi needs to get out more. Lol! She seems a little on the desperate side. Nice photostory.

    I also love your room. The aquarium coffee table is too cute.

    Is Erin the Michelle or Kelly doll (Destiny Child)? I have one that looks like this one, but I am unsure as to which one she is.