Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where do we go from here?

Looks like were ready for our trip to the petting zoo. (Mom)
MOM, Where are you? (Marisa)
I'm in here honey! (Mom)

Well don't you look cute. (Mom)
Thanks Mom, What are you doing? (Marisa)
Reviewing some paper work. What are you getting into. (Mom)
I'm meeting Trey at the BEE HIVE. (Marisa)

What are you doing here? I thought you had a date. (Heidi)
I come to apologize for walking out on you earlier. (Nikki)
That's okay, you were right I do need to make my own decisions. (Heidi)


Here's that extra helmet you were looking for. (Megan)
Thanks Megan. (Aaron) 
No problem, Enjoy the rest of your evening. (Megan)
You too, see you Monday. (Aaron)
What took you so long? (Trey)
I couldn't find anything to wear. (Marisa)
Yea right! (Trey)


WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP (car making noise)


There you are is everything okay? (Taj)
No worries handsome,  I had to give my friend a hand with her tire. (Nikki)
I could have helped you with that. (Taj)
Why don't you help me with a drink instead. Nikki)

I can't believe I have a flat tonight of all nights. (Heidi)

I'll give her a few more minutes. (Aaron)

I wonder what Taj wants me to do now?
I hope he knows, I'm not leaving Barbara and Barry. (Barry )

Is everything okay Barry? (Barbara)
Everything is fine, I was just cleaning up. (Barry)
We can do that in the morning silly. Come back to bed. (Barbara) 

Hello,  Roadside Assistance. (Heidi)
Guess she really isn't coming. (Aaron)


Barbara? (Barry)
Yes, Barry. (Barbara)
I love you. (Barry)

Happy Labor Day, see you all next Monday.





  1. Happy Labor Day! Marisa and Aaron look great in their outfits. The Beehive is really nice. Poor Heidi. I do love her car, though.

    1. Hey you, Welcome back I missed your comments. Heidi's car is cute and the Bee Hive did turn out nicely. My daughter and husband were looking at me like I was crazy when I was cutting out bees and making the honey comb backdrop. LOL They just don't understand my love for my world. Stay tuned I believe a band will be playing a set at the Bee Hive shortly.

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the red shelf. I have the same desktop Mattel. The white car is beautiful. The red bike is awesome. Poor Heidi! Happy Labor Day. In my country that day is celebrated on May 1 ... Keep in touch

    1. That bike was cool I deboxed it when the story started forming in my mind. It was part of the flava dolls bike date set.

  3. Happy Labor Day to you! I loved all these vignettes. I wonder what Barbara will reply back???

    Aaron annoys me but he looks hot in his motorcyle gear.

    1. Yes he does look HOT, I could just eat him up!!!!!

    2. Ditto to your comment on Aaron, but you gotta love him! Lol!

  4. Another great episode! I love the bar. It's really nice. I'm so happy for Barbara and Barry. Yay! So why did they break up?

  5. I am getting addicted to your photo stories,they are awesome ;)All the characters look nd sound so real!! :)