Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning.........I think!

Don't come any closer Buddy! (Tara)
What, You asked me to help you with your dress. (Justin)
I asked you to zip it up you were zipping it down! (Tara)

Do you really have to go? (Justin)
Yes, I have to pick Tariq and Juanita up from the airport. (Tara)
Last night was incredible, I don't want it to end. (Justin)

It will never end I love you. (Tara)
I love you too. (Justin)

Can you pick Justine up from daycare? (Tara)
Sure, right after my shower. (Justin)
We just got out of the shower. Why do you need another one? (Tara)


Your insatiable. (Tara)
Your the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life. (Justin)

Thank you baby, I'll see you and him later. (Tara)

That woman is going to be the death of me......
I know how to get rid of this boner. (Justin)

(Justin calls his Mother) Hello this is Rosie O'Donald Sporting
I am unable to take your call please leave a message.

(Justin leaves a message) Hi Mom, I'm sorry about the other day.
 If you want to spend time with Lindsey that's your business.
Can you let me know how long she's going to be here.
I don't want to tell Tara she is here if I don't have to. Give me a call at the cafe tomorrow.

Guess I better hit the shower. (Justin)


Over at the cafe............

Can I have a mocha latte and a hot chocolate with whipped cream. (Nikki)

(Heidi shouts across the cafe) NIKKI!!!!!!!! you are a low down, dirty, rotten.....
 Be careful little girl. (Nikki)

Don't little girl me I cant believe you would.....(Heidi)
Excuse me, Erin Mitchell this is Heidi Calder. Heidi this is Erin. (Nikki)
Hello (Heidi/Erin)
Erin could you give us a minute. (Nikki)
Sure, It was nice to meet you Heidi. (Erin) 

What is your problem today Princess. (Nikki)
Your my problem, I can't believe you vandalized my car. (Heidi)

What are you talking about? (Nikki)
Al-Nisa found this when she pulled the tire off my car. (Heidi)
And what makes you think that's mine? (Nikki)
Probable because your name is engraved on it. (Heidi)

Can I help you with something? (Nikki)
No, No sorry. (Cafe Customers)
Nosey heffers. (Nikki)

OK I did it, But it was for your own good. (Nikki)
I thought you were going to let me make my own decisions. (Heidi)
Your going to get hurt, I'm trying to save you from the pain. (Nikki)
If you want to remain friends stop trying to save me. Okay! (Heidi)

Is everything Okay? (Erin)
NO and there is nothing I can do about it. (Nikki)

Looks like Heidi is really pissed at Nikki.  Did you know she tampered with the tire?  I hope Justin doesn't spend too much time in the shower. Should he tell Tara about Lindsey? Guess we all have to keep signing in to find out.  See you next Monday!


Hi my name is Erin Mitchell. I just moved to Graces Grove this morning. Nikki and I are good friends.
I was a Las Vegas night club singer. I love karaoke, write short stories and poetry in my spare time.
I have decided to leave the bright lights of Las Vegas behind to become the singer at the Bee Hive.
I'm a Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child doll. I was found at the GOOD WILL. Dee told me to say (Thanks Mommy).
Please stop by the Bee Hive to see me perform soon and thanks for welcoming me to Grace's Grove.


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your Justin. Tara is very in love with him. Erin Mitchell is very pretty. Keep in touch

    1. Tara is very much in love Marta and so is Justin the two of them are perfect together. Erin is very pretty my Mommy did a great job bring her to me!

  2. Justin obviously didn't get enough. Didn't I see he has an old flame staying with mom... Flat tires compliments of friends? Now what in the world would a Vegas show girl find in Grace Grove...Aaron Marx? Oops, that's Heidi issue, for now anyway. Friends...How many of us have them? I mean, ones we can depend on. Scandalous!

    1. Alright Dienerman don't go encouraging Erin to get into trouble when she has just arrived. Some times friends have to dig deep at least thats what Nikki did when she stabbed Heidi's tire and could not retrive her blunt object. LOL

      No Justin didn't get enough isn't Tara a lucky woman?

  3. Justin is quite the frisky fellow! I think he is making a mistake not telling Tara about Lindsey right away. Silly boys.

    I know Nikki is trying to save a friend, but sometimes you just gotta let fools fall where they may and pick them up afterward.

    1. I think keeping the secret would be a mistake too, lets hope he will change his mind if or after he talks to his Mother. U are right Nikki may have to just let this one happen.

  4. Lol!! This was Good! Lol! Justin is manning (word?) up (no pun intended). I thought he was a little soft in the beginning, but he is obviously handling his. Justin is wrong for keeping the secret.

    I would appreciate a great friend like Nikki, but girlfriend would have to pay for the tire. Lol!

    Erin is very pretty.

    1. I'm sorry u thought Justin was soft I thought he was just very flexible when it came to his wife. LOL Nikki is a good friend probably a tired good friend Heidi seems like she is always in trouble to me. My Mommy did good didnt she, Erin is pretty I hope I can find her a new body at some point.

  5. Can i get a job at the Brown Sugar Cafe?

    1. And why do you want to work at the Cafe? Do you crave to be apart of the drama