Sunday, May 13, 2018

I think I lost your Mother!

  • Do you really think I can pull this off? (Aaron) 
  • You can do anything you want to do; you always have, and you always will. (Hazel)
  • This is different. (Aaron)
  • Why are you doubting yourself? (Hazel)


  •  I have never cooked for an event like this. (Aaron)
  • You're an amazing cook, you will be fine. (Hazel)
  • Will you help me? Please! (Aaron)
  • I thought Synquis was helping you? (Hazel)
  • Synquis is in China.  (Aaron)
  • So... (Hazel)

  • So, I need your help. (Aaron)
  • You never needed it before, what's going on? (Hazel)
  • Nothings going on, I just want Mason's wedding dinner to be amazing. (Aaron)
  • Okay, what else is bothering you? (Hazel)
  • There's nothing bothering me, lets get back to work. (Aaron)
  • Very well then. (Hazel)

  • What do you think about the vegetables I got from the farmer's market? (Hazel)
  • What about them? (Aaron)
  • Are we using them for the wedding dinner or are we going with our regular supplier? (Hazel)
  • We can use the farmer's market, everything had good color, flavor and texture. (Aaron)

  • Alright, I'll let them know they have the job. (Hazel)
  • Great, what else do we need to talk about? (Aaron)
  • Wine. (Hazel)
  •  I like the Montaya Cabernet. (Aaron)
  • But? (Hazel)

  • I think I need another sip. (Aaron)
  • Really? (Hazel)
  • Yes, really! (Aaron)

Aaron. (Lauren)

  • This is really good; but, I don't think the bride will like it. (Aaron)
  • Well, you have to make a choice we are running out of time. (Hazel)
  • Let's go with the Domaine Loubejac Pinot Noir. (Aaron)
  • Great choice, how many bottles would you like? (Hazel)
  • Aaron. (Lauren)

  • Hey you. (Aaron)
  • Can I talk to you for a moment? (Lauren)
  •  Is everything okay? (Aaron)
  • No, I need to talk to you........ alone! (Lauren)

  • Can you give us a minute Hazel? (Aaron)
  • Sure, I need to change anyway. (Hazel)

  • What's going on Beautiful? (Aaron)
  • I messed up really, really, really bad. (Lauren)
  • Did you break the copier again? (Aaron)
  • No. (Lauren)

  • Hang up on a client? (Aaron)
  • No. (Lauren)
  • Shred some important paper work? (Aaron)
  • No (Lauren)
  • Tell me what happened Sweetness, it can't be that bad. (Aaron)
  • I lost your Mother. (Lauren)

  • What did you say? (Aaron)
  • I lost your Mother. (Lauren)
  • I seriously doubt you lost my Mother. (Aaron) 
  • I really did, I put her in your office earlier today and...... (Lauren)
  • And what? (Aaron)
  • She was gone when I went back two hours later. (Lauren)

  • Where are you going? (Lauren)
  • I'm going to call Grace and Jade. (Aaron)
  • Why, I don't tell them about this. (Lauren)

  • Doesn't mean they don't already know. (Aaron)
  •  Aaron, please don't call them. They're going to laugh at me. (Lauren)
  • Relax, they're not going to laugh at you. (Aaron)

                                  Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Ha ha! "I lost your Mother!" Love it! The restaurant kitchen is really great.

  2. Aaron seems a lot calmer these days. Did he ever reach out to Juilian? Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Your dio looks awesome!! Loved the story!! Lol!