Monday, May 25, 2015

The night before the Wedding continues 3

The lap dance is in full motion!
How's that feel sexy? (Officer Call)
Good. (Aaron)
Does that mean you want to wake up next to me tomorrow?  (Officer Call)
I'm sorry, I don't think I heard what you said?  (Aaron)

I asked if you'd like to spend the night together? (Officer Call)
I don't think so sweetheart.  (Aaron)
Come on, I won't tell if you don't. (Officer Call)
Thanks, but no thanks.  (Aaron)

You're joking right? (Officer Call)
About? (Aaron)
Spending the night with me.  (Officer Call)
No, I'm not. You're a beautiful woman, but I don't want you. (Aaron)
Are you gay?  (Officer Call)
No, you're just not the one. Thanks for the dance. (Aaron)
I'm not done.  (Officer Call)
Yes you are. Have a good night. (Aaron)

Hey, we're still talking!  (Officer Call)
Not anymore. (Aaron)
Where's he going?  (Officer Booty)
Come back here you mangy mutt. Nobody turns Lauren Bacall down! (Officer Call)

I'm sorry Ms. Bacall but I got ninety nine problems and a stripper ain't one. (Aaron)

I'm not a stripper, I'm an exotic dancer! (Officer Call)
Calm down. (Officer Booty)
 I will if G.I. Joe lets me go. (Officer Call)
He's going to let you go, but you have to calm down first. (Officer Booty)

What happened?  (Tariq)
I offered the Prince of Darkness the best night of his life and he turned me down.
(Officer Call)
Did you say Aaron turn down some cookie? (Corey)

Wipe your face, you're to pretty to have tears in your eyes. (Tariq)
Thank you. (Officer Call)
Did he hurt you? (Barry)
No, just my pride. (Officer Call)
You probably shook his up a little too.  (Tariq)
How's that? (Officer Call)
He's suppose to marry the woman he loves tomorrow and you just tested his monogamy. (Tariq)
Oh, I didn't think about that. (Officer Call)
Can you  believe it folks the Cookie Monster turned down a whole jar of cookies. (Corey)

Are you ready to go sweetie? (Officer Booty)
Not yet. I think I owe the groom an apology. (Officer Call)
Why? (Officer Booty)
I may have come on a little too strong. (Officer Call)

She wants to apologize, do you think he'll come back out here? 
(Officer Booty)
NO! (Corey)
What do you mean NO?  (Officer Call)
He's not coming back. He didn't want to come out here in the first place.  (Corey)
He's coming out here and your going to make it happen.  (Officer Booty)

Let's go! (Officer Booty)
This is not going to be good. (Corey)

Are you thirsty? (Bradley)
Yes, Thank you. (Officer Call)


  1. Great post! Officer Call is something else. Lol! Your sets are always on point!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl, I love my dolls but I love to see what I can create as far as sets or furniture is concerned too. I'm happy to continue doing both since you love seeing them as well.

  2. Bradley was right to offer Officer Call a drink, she was thirsty as ____!

    1. Ur crazy Doll Crazy (LOL) thanks for hang out with us.

  3. I did go back to remind myself of the goings on......TWICE! Mmm.....SHM it's on now! LOL.... Has he really changed, we will soon see. Great Episode

  4. The dialogue was too funny! Officer Call was looking for a little attention. Lol. Poor thing.

  5. Officer call is really a piece of work. I love this story so much.

  6. Hey girl, how's everything going?