Sunday, November 16, 2014

Better Late then Never


That sounds like a plan. I'll pick you up at seven. (Corey)

Corey......... I thought you left man! (Tariq)
I should've been out of here an hour ago, my sister's going to kill me. (Corey)
What was the hold up? (Tariq)

I got wrapped up in my conversation with that flight attendant I met last night. (Corey)
I hope shorty is worth it. (Tariq)
She looks worth it, but looks can be deceiving. (Corey)
Right, Right, so you staying in now? (Tariq)

No, I still have to meet Cindy. She believes in that better late then never crap. (Corey)
Then you should've left on time. (Tariq)
Be cool man, your starting to sound like my father. (Corey)
Tara's down stairs. (Tariq)
Very funny. (Corey)
I'm serious. (Tariq)

How long is she gonna be here? (Corey)
I don't know, were waiting for Justin. (Tariq)
That's the husband right. (Corey)
Yup, do you want me to walk you down? (Tariq)
No, I can do it. (Corey)
I'm waiting. (Tara)
Tara, you know I think your beautiful. (Justin)
I didn't ask you if I was beautiful, I asked you if my butt was big. (Tara)

Your perfect always have been always will be. (Corey)

Corey! (Tara)
Hello Tara. Long time no see. (Corey)

Hi, I'm Corey Lewis. (Corey)
Justin Sporting. (Justin)
Nice to meet you.  (Corey)
Corey is Dr. Lewis son. (Tara)
Oh okay, I see the resemblance now. Your Mom is a great doctor. (Justin)


I didn't know my Mom was still your doctor. (Corey)
Always has been always will be. (Tara)
Are you visiting or moving back to Graces Grove? (Justin)
Just visiting, my Moms birthday is tomorrow and my sister's throwing her a surprise party. (Corey)
Are you part of the surprise? (Justin)

Justin. (Tara)
Yes. (Justin)
Can you go see if Tariq's ready to go? (Tara)
Sure. (Justin)

Tara I. (Corey)
Hush! (Tara)

Justin! (Tara)
Yes, baby. (Justin)
Can you make Justine go to the bathroom before you come back down. (Tara)
Good idea, I'll be back in a minute. (Justin)
Okay. (Tara)

Now......... what the hell are you doing here? (Tara)
My Mom's birthday is tomorrow. (Corey)
Corey you haven't been here since, since well you know since when.
Am I really suppose to believe that you came just for your Mom's birthday. (Tara)
Yes. (Corey)

Bullshit! (Tara)
Tara. (Corey)
Don't Tara me. Why the hell are you here? (Tara)

Calm down, I didn't come here to hurt you.
I haven't seen my Mom in five years.
I've missed her and this was the perfect way to kiss and make up.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming. (Tara)
Your weren't suppose to see me,
 I planned to be in and out of town before you knew I was here. (Corey)
I don't believe you. (Tara)

Look at me. (Corey)
Why so you can present me with some more heart ache. (Tara)
That wasn't my intention.  (Corey)
So  it wasn't your intention to annul our marriage or demand a
paternity test on a child that you knew wasn't yours. (Tara)
I know what I did.  (Corey)
Do you? (Tara)
Look at me, Please. (Corey)

I was wrong,  I shouldn't have annulled our marriage and I had no right to demand a paternity test.
 I was just trying to hurt you for going on with your life. (Corey)
You hurt me, you hurt your Mom, you could have ruined my life with Justin. (Tara)

I know and I'm sorry, tell me what I can do to make it up to you? (Corey)
Take your butt back where you came from. (Tara)
That's it? (Corey)
Yes. (Tara)
Consider it done. I'll leave right after the party. (Corey)


Tara. (Corey)
Yes. (Tara)
You know I still love you right. (Corey)
Goodbye Corey. (Tara)

The gangs all here and were ready to go. (Justin)
Are you ready Mommy? (Justine)

I've been ready baby. (Tara)
Where's Corey?  (Tariq)
He was late for an appointment. (Tara)
He's not going to the Splash? (Justin)

OH! (Tara)
What's wrong?! (Justin)
My water just broke! (Tara)
Dad, Aunt Tara just peed on the floor! (Julian)


  1. Corey better not come around trying to break up a sweet family!

    heheheh Peed on the floor...hehehe!

  2. Was so happy to see this post! Thank God Tara is finally gonna have that baby. Poor girl looks like she was about to burst! I am with The Grandmommy - Corey better not mess with my favorite couple!

  3. Lololololol @ Tara - I call BS!!!! Julian was too funny....

  4. Great post! Tara stands her ground that's for sure! I have not forgotten how she stood up to Justin's Mom.

    The baby is finally coming yay! I can't wait to see the nursery. I'm sure it will be nice!

  5. finally the baby it's been a long nine months. i hope corey don't cause any trouble. i liked julian saying she peed on the floor.

  6. Corey sure is cute. I can't wait to find out more about this backstory! Great story. Apparently Justin doesn't know anything about this annulled marriage. Trouble could be brewing.